The divorce process can be facilitated more easily if the parties resolve issues through a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) or Property Settlement Agreement (PSA). A MSA or PSA is a detailed legal contract which contains an agreement that sets out the terms of how the parties will move forward with their lives, during separation and divorce, and is based upon their rights, needs, and obligations. A MSA or PSA allows the parties to maintain personal control over the outcome of their situation. By entering into a Marital or Property Settlement Agreement the parties resolve matters that a court would otherwise have to determine.

A Marital or Property Settlement Agreement includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Asset and Debt Distribution;
  • Custody and Visitation;
  • Child Support;
  • Spousal Support;
  • Date of Separation; and
  • No-Fault Divorce.

Working out issues through a Marital or Property Settlement Agreement can settle marital issues more quickly, more amicably, and with less expense than going to court. Additionally, entering into an agreement with your spouse allows more flexibility in how to resolve your particular circumstances, which also facilitates the parties honoring the agreement in the future.

The attorneys at The Carlberg Law Firm are experienced in negotiating and drafting a fair marital or property settlement agreement.  If you have been given a proposed marital or property settlement agreement by your spouse and are concerned about protecting your rights and interests, you should have an attorney review the agreement with you. Doing so not only ensures that you understand the agreement, but also ensures that you are aware of whether or not revisions are needed prior to you signing the agreement.

Whether settlement or litigation in the courts is in your best interest, trust the attorneys at The Carlberg Law Firm to be relentless advocates for their clients, both inside and outside the courtroom.