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How Old Must I Be to Leave a Will?

You can start leaving a will at almost any age.

Young people typically do not think about death as a daily concern. It’s an entirely unpleasant thought much like taking a test or going to a long-overdue appointment. Contemplating the fate your belongings after you are gone is not something that is a common topic among young people, but the point is, you can start leaving a Will at almost any age. Although it may seem from the outside a long process, in truth it is not.

When Should I Start Leaving a Will?

Drawing up your last testament should not be a concern only when you are approaching the end of your life. Your familial and financial circumstances do not need to be perfectly in order before you can think about starting a draft. The earlier you begin writing, the more time you have to ensure it is as accurate as possible in reflecting your wishes. After all, you may change your mind later on. If you have not yet reached the age of 18, creating a will is not something to be concerned about; but if you have reached the age of 18, you should start considering what to include in your will. You have to decide what will become of your assets and belongings, or else that decision will no longer be yours later on.

Not Just About Money

How much money you have is unimportant when you are crafting your will. A will only states your wishes for after your death and how your family can carry out those wishes. However, no matter your age, there are some circumstances in which it is advisable to write a will:

  • If you have hard assets such as property, life savings, stocks, and bonds
  • If you have children or other dependents
  • And if you plan on joining the military or any other career where your life could be in jeopardy

Addressing Potential Obstacles

If you do not have a will prepared when you die, it will present some confusing and distressing obstacles for your loved ones to overcome. For instance, the state authorities will decide what happens to your assets according to local laws, regardless of your final wishes. In Virginia, your will must be signed by two competent witnesses under your supervision. Remember that without a will, the entire process of asset distribution will take much longer than it needs to; legal conflicts could arise among your surviving relatives. You can avoid all of these confusion with a properly written will.

Possible Costs Involved

When you are writing a will, there are some costs involved in the process. For instance, working with an estate planning attorney is a crucial part of the process. A blank will kit is another option, but it is one that comes without assistance from a knowledgeable attorney. Although blank will kits are potentially affordable options, they may result in a poorly written will and more confusion for your loved ones.

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