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How to Make Visitation Easier on Everyone Involved

Visitation is never a stress-free process, even when both parents involved get along well.

Visitation is never a stress-free process, even when both parents involved get along well. The process of preparing your child to visit the other parent can be frustrating, but there are numerous approaches that you can undertake to make the visitation process easier.

Keep Your Time Commitment

Always arrive on time or early to meet for visitation. Even if the other parent is consistently late, showing up on time is common courtesy and something that could potentially be brought up in court. Plan ahead and agree upon times that work for both of you, so that late arrivals are not necessary. In the same vein, never change plans at the last second unless there is a real emergency.

Prepare Your Child for Visitation

To make the visitation process easier on your child, you should make sure that your child has every transportable aspect of their home routine that they need to stay well-behaved with them. If they have a special stuffed animal, a nightlight that has to be plugged in before they can sleep, or an instrument necessary for school the following week, bring it with them. Living in two places at once can be very stressful and leave children with the feeling that they have no home base. By packing the necessities, the visitation process will run much more smoothly.

Don’t Make Your Child Responsible

Finally, in hostile parenting relationships visitation can become a contest of what the child will parrot back to the other parent. If you have something to say to your former partner, it should never be done in front of your shared child. If you have a complaint about your former partner, you should never pass it on to the child with the expectation that they report it back to them. Do not use your child as the mediator between your relationship, especially not during visitation!

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