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Establishing In-House Separation

In-house separation can be a tricky part of the divorce process to overcome.

In-house separation can be a tricky part of the divorce process to overcome. Although it is not a full divorce, when an in-house separation occurs, it could very well lead to the opening stages of a traditional divorce.  We will examine in-house separation. Please read on to learn more about it.

Acceptable Reasons for Establishing In-House Separation

When it comes to establishing in-house separation, it is helpful to know the reasons why. What causes can you cite for seeking such a solution? Certain circumstances that can validate this outcome, even if it is unfavorable in the eyes of Virginia courts. Let’s now focus on those particular reasons.

  • Financial Feasibility: One of the primary reasons an in-house separation may be granted is the financial feasibility of it. Divorce can be expensive, and sometimes a separation is more viable. Although living apart is a traditional hallmark of a separation, it is not always possible.
  • Best Interests of the Child: The best interests of the child matter. No matter what, Virginia courts heavily favor solutions that will not disrupt the comfort of the child.
  • Acting Honorably: Whatever the case may be, it is important to act honorably. Dishonesty in the court can result in the separation not being granted. Making a good plan and then carrying that plan out is your best chance for receiving an in-house separation.

How to Establish In-House Separation

Date of separation is another important facet of the divorce process. So what are some highly visible ways to demonstrate an intent to separate?

  • Using separate bedrooms, and avoiding intimacy.
  • Avoid sharing meals or other social interactions.
  • As with typical separations, announce it to friends and family.
  • Have a third party witness attest to the validity of your separation.

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