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The Benefits of a Living Will

Outlining a living will is likely to forestall drawn-out legal cases that can cause conflicts and heartbreak within families.

What are the benefits of a living will? Living wills are also known as advanced medical directives. This type of will has become more popular of late, especially since more people are considering what will become of them once they approach the end of their lives. Age has little bearing on the drafting of a will, although one would expect these wills to be more important for the elderly than for college students. Outlining a living will is likely to forestall drawn-out legal cases that can cause conflicts and heartbreak within families. Here are some critical reasons why you should consider a living will.

Avoiding Unwanted Medical Treatments

The first benefit of a living will is avoiding unwanted medical procedures. For instance, you can state in your living will your preference for an order of “do-not-resuscitate.” With a DNR order in place, you will not be revived if you suffer some medical catastrophe. If it is relevant, you can also request to not having a feeding tube. The grounds for avoiding certain medical treatments could be from religious or moral beliefs. Regardless of why you wish not to receive these treatments, a living will is likely to allow you to retain the authority to make these decisions.

Receiving Desired Medical Treatments

In a living will, you can also declare which medical treatments you will permit. Many procedures or techniques that might save your life also require your consent to be performed. However, when you are unable to make these decisions at the time you need them, a living will is able to arrange your permission long before you need to be able to give it. After all, when a medical emergency happens, you may not be able to speak or otherwise indicate the medical treatments you desire.

Reducing Conflict Amongst Surviving Relatives

Conflict amongst surviving relatives in inevitable after you are gone. Living wills can help prevent such conflict, much as a regular last will and testament can. Your relatives will often disagree over what treatments are best for you. Making these decisions for them means there can be little dispute over your final wishes. Although these choices are difficult to make, making your wishes clear will help guide your family in carrying out your living will. Also, medical treatments and medical care can be astonishingly expensive. A living will is likely able to ensure that your family will be able to afford to care for you during this time.

Ensuring Peace of Mind

Peace of mind involves foreknowledge of what will happen to you and the trust that your doctors will acquiesce to your wishes as well. It is almost impossible to predict when a medical emergency will befall you, especially if you are relatively healthy. By creating a living will, you can guarantee that your doctors will not follow their instincts in caring for you, but will follow your instructions instead.

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